Premium Centrefeed Rolls Blue & White 2ply, 3ply Embossed Hand Paper Towel Tissue


Centrefeed roll is ideal for wiping and drying surfaces as they provide a cost-effective way to clean up spillages as swiftly as possible. Our centrefeed towels range comes in either white or blue with 2 Ply or 3 Ply available to suit the demands of your business. If you are looking to purchase in bulk, we have blue towel roll bundles and pallet deals available so you can find the right quantity to meet all of your requirements. Our blue paper rolls collection is suitable for use in a variety of industries and sectors, so whether you are purchasing centrefeed rolls for an industrial factory, a restaurant or even a garage, you will find everything you need here. Browse our selection of centrefeed blue roll now to find superb prices, along with great discounts on our cleaning bundles and pallet deals.

• Super Absorbent
• Gentle on Hands
• Ideal for office, kitchen and shop
• Handy Item
• Last long
• Kitchen towel


Centrefeed Rolls Blue & White 2ply, 3ply

Centrefeed Rolls Blue & White 2ply, 3ply Embossed Hand Paper Towel Tissue for sale. Our range of centrefeed rolls is suitable for a wide variety of uses. So, whether you work in a workshop, a clinic or a restaurant, our centrefeed paper towels will be ideal for your business. Our blue roll collection consists of our own brand and is manufactured in high-quality absorbent paper, so performance and durability are assured with all of our products. The centrefeed towels range is perfect in various situations due to their great strength in wet use conditions. From wiping down surfaces, drying hands and utensils to cleaning up spillages, our centrefeed paper rolls will exceed all of your expectations.

2 Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls
Key Features:
One of the cheapest blue roll offers available online – as low as
18cm roll diameter
400 sheets per roll
6 rolls per case
Blue 2-ply recycled tissue
17.5gsm (35gsm per 2-ply sheet)
17.6cm High


2 Ply White Centrefeed Rolls
Key Features
Pure ‘virgin tissue’, CHSA approved and sourced from managed forests
19cm x 150m per roll
6 Rolls Per Case
2-Ply white paper, 17.5gsm (35gsm per 2-ply sheet)
New & Improved laminated embossed ‘Virgin’ Tissue Paper


2 Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls
Key Features:
Eco-friendly recycled tissue paper sourced from managed forests (CHSA approved)
19.5cm x 150m per roll
6 Rolls Per Case
2-Ply blue paper, 17.5gsm (35gsm per 2-ply sheet)


3 Ply Premium Blue Centrefeed Rolls
Key Features:
Premium 3-ply tissue wipe for greater absorbency, softness and durability
6 Rolls Per Case
23cm x 150m per roll
3-ply blue recycled tissue gives added strength even when wet


L20 Extra – 2 Ply Blue Airflex Centrefeed Rolls
Key Features:
High quality AIRFLEX Fabric paper is soft and gentle, yet highly robust and absorbent
6 rolls per case
20cm x 114m per roll
23.5gsm (47gsm per 2-ply sheet)
Premium 2-ply blue tissue paper from 100% recycled materials

Our Premium Centrefeed Rolls Blue & White is manufactured with 2 ply tissue paper which ensures the product conforms to the dimensions stated on the label.

Our Premium Centrefeed is 17.5cm wide by 150m long with a diameter of 19cm.

Each roll has 375 sheets of 40cm

Our Mini Centrefeed is 18cm wide by 60m long and hygienically shrink wrapped into a case of 12 rolls.

These rolls will fit all mini centrefeed dispensers

Centrefeed Rolls Blue & White 2ply are ideal for hand drying, mopping spills and all other general wiping tasks.

Mini Centrefeed is used where there are space restrictions or in low volume areas.

432 Rolls x 2ply Centrefeed Embossed Rolls – 400 sheets per roll – 6 Pack (72 Cases)

336 Rolls x Hygiene Rolls/Couch Rolls/Bed Rolls 20″ – (28 boxes on a pallet)

504 Rolls 2ply Blue Centrefeed Embossed Towels – VALUE RANGE

792 Rolls x Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2ply – 125m Embossed – (66 Packs)

Bliss 3PLY Quilted *Pure Tissue Toilet Rolls – 3ply White – 40 Rolls (60 Packs)

Bliss Quilted Tissue Toilet Rolls – 2ply White – 40 rolls ( 60 Cases)


Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2ply – 66 Cases – Packed in 4’s – 36 Rolls a Case

Super Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2ply – 66 Cases – Packed in 4’s – 36 Rolls a Case